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Learn to play your favorite songs on keyboard & Piano!

Do you want to learn piano or keyboard? Are you interested in spending your holiday with soft mellow tunes on your keyboard? If yes, then you can learn your favorite tunes fast without learning notes. It can take a lot of time to become almost perfect with musical instruments but you won’t have to waste much of your time. Not everyone is interested in the learning technical language of music and you can ignore it.

Don’t Worry! Even if you aren’t aware of the musical notes, you can still learn fantastic tunes on musical instruments. By using my letter notes collection, it can be possible for you to learn all of your favorite song tunes within a short period.

A special collection of letters only for you!

Hey! I am Michal Sliwka and I have an experience of 23 years in playing keyboard instruments. I was always passionate to learn keyboard & piano because of which I completed my graduation from Secondary Musical School and then Maria Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin. I took the decision to share my knowledge and skills with interesting keyboard and piano learners. I have compiled my years of experience at my website, You can find a variety of music learning materials.

In the World, you won’t find such amazing content at an online platform. There are thousands of users connected with my music learning content. Due to the increasing demand for learning instruments faster, I decided to bring a collection of letters in the digital version.

This ebook was specially created for the people who were interested in learning to play a new instrument within a short period. In the collection, you can find 44 items that belong to different genres.  You can check out full table content in the gallery at the top of the page.

Benefits you can get by learning from the collection of letters:

💪 Show off your talent to your family and friends by playing keyboard instruments.

💪 Easy to replace organist with the beautiful church songs included in the collection.

💪 You can have a side job of playing in wedding bands and cafés.

💪 Start tutoring beginners who don’t want to go into technical stuff.

💪 Save your time by playing an instrument faster.

💪 The learners will get quality over quantity.

💪 Get disciplined and motivated by learning some of the best songs.

💪 Enhanced concentration and memory power.

💪 Get rid of stress and worries by playing your favorite keyboard instrument.

Q & A’s

How do I receive my purchased letter notes collection?

When you will place your order and make payment for the collection, our system will send you an e-mail immediately. In the e-mail, you will find a link from where you can download the collection in the form of a PDF. So, make sure that you enter the correct email address otherwise your PDF might be sent to someone else. Always double-check your email address before you make the payment.

What are the payment options available for me?

Due to the availability of various online payment options, we have also made sure that our customers don’t have to face many difficulties. You can use the famous online payment broker, PayPal to make your payments faster. If you don’t use this app, then you can also make payment via Debit/Credit Card and Apple/Google Pay. The customers don’t need to worry about payment security because all of them are protected by SSC encryption and insured. The learners from all countries are allowed to purchase the notes collection hassle-free.