John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver – piano letter notes

The popular country song ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’is a popular country song performed by John Denver. Released in 1971, it was extremely successful, with special mention going to West Virginia where it is one of the four official anthems of the state.

A perfect song for beginners

Written by John Denver, Bill Danoff, and Taffy Nivert about West Virginia, the single peaked at the second position on Billboard’s US Hot 100 list for singles for the week that ended on 28th August 1971. The song was such a great success that, on its initial release, itgot the Gold certificate by the RIAA on 18th August 1971 and the Platinum certificate on 10thApril 2017. It is not only one of Denver’s most beloved and popular songs, but also his signature song. The lovely songwas covered by Olivia Newton-John and the Hermes House Band. It also featured in the movie ‘Kingsman’ in 2017. Composed of easy, relaxing and slow tunes, it is a perfect choice for any beginner of any instrument.

Play this song on your favorite instrument easily

Learning to play new songs is very easy now, with many tutorials and piano letter notes available throughout the internet. So pick up your instrument and get started with this easy and lovely song right away!

E  E  F #  E
F #  E  F #  A
B  B  C #  B
F #  F #  E  F #  A
E  E  F #  E
E  F #  F #  E  F #  A
B  B  B  B  C #  B
A  A  B  A
A  B  C #
C #  A  B
C #  B  A
C #  E  F #
F #  F #  E  C #
C #  A  B  C #
C #  A  A
A  B  A

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