Working Of A Piano Keyboard

The piano keyboard is the musical instrument which is played by means of the keyboard. This is one of the most popular instruments in the world of music. The piano is of various kinds and on the basis of different technologies in the world of music, the piano having the keyboard is used in different music performances. This instrument is widely used in the musical presentations and performances of rock, jazz, solo and various other kinds of performances. Other than these important uses of the piano keyboard it is also used to ensemble and in accompanying the other music instruments in the chamber of music.

The importance of piano can also not be denied in case of composing the music and rehearsing by the musicians and singers. There are different kinds of the piano keyboard. Some of these small sized and are portable while the classic pieces and models of the pianos are not portable and are very large sized. The non portable versions of piano are very expensive. It is due to the versatile nature of piano, and its ubiquity that it is recognized among some of the very few and very well known musical instruments of the musical world. There are certain musical instruments which are known very well even to those who are not so much familiar with the music. Among these music instruments, the most familiar one is the piano. The classic pieces and models of the piano keyboard are made of large wooden frames in which the keys and string system of the whole keyboard is fixed.

The whole mechanism under which the piano keyboard works is very simple. According to this working mechanism, pressing a key on the main face of piano will cause the hammer present below the key to strike the strings of steel present beneath. The hammers, made of metal are covered with felt. When the hammer after striking the strings rebounds, it leaves the strings to vibrate under some specific frequency range. This frequency depends on the striking time period of the hammer on strings. When the strings are allowed to vibrate, they resonate at a specific frequency. In this way the sounds and various tones are created in the piano keyboardAs a result of vibration of strings, the acoustic waves are transmitted in the air and these vibrations or waves will be transmitted to the sounding board. When the key is released, the tuner or the vibrator stops and hence the sound coming from the piano keyboard also stops.

The term piano is the condensed form of the word pianoforte. This symbolizes and Italian term for the instrument. The name of the instrument depicts the creation of sound waves which are produced in contrast with each other. The production of sound waves greatly depends on the speed with which the key is struck. If the key is struck with a greater velocity and greater frequency, it results in production of a greater force thereby making the hammer to hit the string.