How to Learn the Piano Or Keyboard

Learn To Play Piano/Keyboard

If you have been searching the Internet for how to learn the piano then you are possibly one of the people who would like to learn using a multi-media home study guide that can be downloaded to your computer. Or maybe you have considered trying a piano teacher who will give you personal lessons. Either way you will soon find out that the essentials are the same.

Here is some advice to help the beginner piano student when just starting out learning the piano or keyboard:

Make sure the basics are covered

We always need to start with the basics. Get to know the instrument, how the keys work, where the pedals are, where the notes are. You would probably benefit from learning how to read a little music and possibly even some music theory too. You need to find a good piano teacher or perhaps even a home study course that might be found on the Internet, then make sure that you will have sufficient time to put in a little bit of daily practice and you should be set to go.

Make sure you have the right pieces to practice

Its important that you get hold of some good piano music to practice. If you choose pieces that are above your level you will find yourself struggling to learn them which will not help your playing and will demoralize you as well. You need to choose simple, short pieces that you could memorize if needed, this will make it simpler for you to perfect them. Try learning a piece or two by ear, i.e. listening to some music over and over and trying to play it yourself without music. You could try working out the chords or the melody or both. By learning to play by ear you will be developing listening skills which will be of great use to you later on.

Careful, things might become tricky

If you find that the learning process becomes too difficult then know that this is normal. The learning curve can become very steep somewhere between beginner and intermediate level. This could be somewhat disconcerting. When this occurs just stick with it and keep on with the practice as this is where most people will give up. Although at times it may seem as if you are not making any progress rest assured that subconsciously your brain is slowly learning how to play the piano and one day when least expected you will suddenly realize that it is no longer such a struggle and your playing has in fact improved noticeably.

Make it personal

Sometimes you can hear two artists who play the same song but each one will sound completely different, you too can do this with the pieces you are learning. You could try to be experimental and add different rhythms or chords. This will not always be possible especially if you have a strict piano teacher but having a little fun whilst finding out how to learn the piano can be a good thing. Follow this link below for details on how to learn piano – Piano Basics.

You may probably need to learn boring pieces and play unexciting exercises during your learning period. Try not to get disheartened and give up. Before you progress to higher levels you will have to endure a few down times too where it seems you are not really learning anything.

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