Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace – piano letter notes

How To Learn Piano Key Notes For Amazing Grace?

Amazing Grace is a Christian hymn published in 1779 written by English poet John Newton. The song was written with the message that forgiveness and redemption are possible despite the sins you commit and that the soul can rest in peace by the mercy of God.

Amazing Grace is said to be the most loved English hymn for the past two centuries.

How did this hymn come into existence?

The writer, John Newton wrote the hymn with his own experiences. Growing u without any religious conviction, many factors affected his decisions. Then he was forced into the royal navy. After he quit the services he went through some troubles and ended up being a writer. Amongst the many hymns that he wrote Amazing Grace is said to be the most popular ever.

How can we read the piano notes of the hymn?

If you understand chords then it is very easy for you to understand and learn how to play the notes of the hymn. The piano key letters are distinctly mentioned that one can follow to learn how to play it.

So have faith and show the love of God in your music!

A# D#
G F D# G
G F D#
C A#
A# D#
G F D# G
F G A#
G A# A#


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